It’s the Idorsia team’s passion for science that will translate our objectives into value creation for all our stakeholders. We are doing more with less in a highly productive environment where people enjoy their work. Our Idorsia professionals show up with energy, intellect and creativity.


To reach our ambitious goals, we advance with energy and drive. We take full ownership and accountability to find solutions and outpace the competition.


Whatever the challenge, we are agile and pragmatic in implementing initiatives without compromising the quality of our work.


To seize more opportunities, we invent with creativity and imagination. Our work is science and data driven, and we remain open to new approaches in all aspects of what we do.

Team up

We team up to harness the power of our collective passion and sense of fun. We work collaboratively, sharing information and exchanging ideas, listening to and supporting each other.


We are curious, open-minded, and we learn continuously. We are encouraged to expand our knowledge, skills and self-awareness, while looking for ways to apply what we've learned.